About Bard Press

The mission of Bard Press is to make every book we publish worthy of critical acclaim and reader affection, and to give every author we publish a national stage to spread his or her message. Bard Press has one of the strongest bestseller records in the United States' publishing industry: Starting with the runaway hit, NUTS! Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, to the bestselling sales book of all time, The Little Red Book of Selling, to aclaimed bestseller, The ONE ThingBard Press continually redefines the creative and intellectual potential of its books.

There are two primary reasons Bard Press books consistently reach bestseller lists, win national book awards, and sell for longer than titles published by the larger New York houses:

  1. We publish only a few books a year (usually one or two) and spend a great deal of time working with each author on his or her book - editing, designing, and marketing. We pour our resources into producing unique quality, negotiating extraordinary retail placements, and designing and marketing our books in smart ways that position our titles for big sales, and supporting our sales force with promotions and incentives to keep our books selling for years after publication.
  2. We serve a different master. Though most major publishers position themselves to cater to the changing demands of retailers, Bard Press is engineered to serve our authors. Rather than simply selling inventory to retailers for one-dimensional profits, we use our distribution clout and sales history to further the careers of our authors and create multi-dimensional sales: We secure lots of highly visible shelf space at the national chain and airport bookstores, build follow-up sales and promotions based on early success, and continue with backlist sales for longevity and more powerful clout.

About the Publisher - Ray Bard

Ray Bard's publishing experience includes more than 30 years of writing, producing, and publishing books and multimedia material. He has written or co-authored 10 business books published by major houses, such as Doubleday, William Morrow, Jossey-Bass, and Addison-Wesley. In 1972, he founded and directed a small press before selling it to the New York Times.

In 1982, he established Bard Productions and produced books for major publishers in New York, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco.He also helped start-up presses around the country get off the ground until narrowing the company's focus to publishing exceptional books for national retail distribution. Since the founding of the Bard Press imprint in 1996, more than 50 percent of its books have become national bestsellers, with many winning book of the year awards.

About Deputy Publisher - Todd Sattersten

Todd Sattersten has written, agented, edited and published nonfiction books for the over fifteen years. He is the co-author of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time, which is in its 3rd edition and has been translated into 14 languages. Todd is the former president of business book seller 800-CEO-READ.

Before joining Bard Press, Todd served as General Manager of IT Revolution, and while at the company, published The Phoenix Project, DevOps Handbook and seven other books that have collectively sold over 600,000 copies.