The Fired UP! SellingTM Face-Off

What are the most essential qualities of a successful salesperson? In The Fired UP! SellingTM Face-Off we're asking our more than 1,000 Quote Judges (QJs) around the world. In a head-to-head competition the QJs will select the Top 3 Essential Qualities of a Successful Salesperson.

Beginning with Quote Collection #42 and continuing for the next four Collections we will ask the Quote Judges to give their Verdicts on the most essential quality among five choices. In each of the four rounds there will be five qualities to select from — a total of 20 qualities in all (see the list below).

On the fifth and final round, the QJs will select from the winners of the previous four rounds. The result will be the Top 3 Essential Qualities of a Successful Salesperson. The voting results will be announced Tuesday, May 24.

Round 1 — May 5

  • Confident
  • Prepares/Plans
  • Talented/Intelligent
  • Trustworthy
  • Enthusiastic

Round 2 — May 10

  • Customer-focused
  • Goal-oriented/Driven
  • Sense of Humor
  • Works Hard
  • Self-starter/Self-motivated

Round 3 — May 12

  • Knowledge of/Belief in Company's Product/Service
  • Perseveres/Resilient
  • Goes the Extra Mile
  • Strong People Skills
  • Disciplined/Focused

Round 4 — May 17

  • Creative Problem-solver
  • Initiates/Takes Action
  • Skillful Selling Techniques
  • Positive Attitude
  • Keeps Learning/Growing

Round 5 — May 19

Run-off for the winner from each of the first 4 rounds.

Top 3 Announced May 24.

The Fired UP! Selling Story

Folding down book page corners, tabbing with sticky notes, marking newspapers and magazines with a colored pen, gleaning from the internet — keying and cutting/pasting into a file on my hard drive. More than a decade ago I began collecting quotes.


In the beginning my only purpose was to collect and enjoy some of the wisdom of the ages. A few chosen words that spoke to me. Some were lyrical like poetry. Some had zing and punch. Others, just the plain simple truth.

After a few years the file had grown to many pages. And I, like undoubtly thousands of others, thought maybe I should publish these. A quick visit to Amazon revealed that there are hundreds and hundreds of inspirational quotes books. I should have known this; there were many of these on my shelf. :-) So, I gave up on another bright book idea.

But...I continued to collect quotes. And, a few years later I thought — who really needs inspiration? Who would find these quotes valuable? Which professions more than others? My answer was salespeople and entrepreneurs. They're the ones swimming against the tide — aspiring to invisible dreams and grand goals. Who sometimes need a spark, a bit of wisdom, a little encouragement, a shot in the arm. And often, nothing more than being reminded to act on what they already know.

Then, another visit to Amazon, to see how many quote books there were for salespeople. A big surprise — zero! How crazy was that? The people who need quotes the most didn't have a resource tailored for them. Since that discovery, as far as I know, there's been one quote book published for salespeople.

Then the serious work began — creating a framework with salespeople in mind. Using quotes from the greatest historical sales figures, the giants of personal development, and seasoned sales experts — as well as the best of the newcomers and people from all walks of life who could share thoughts of value for salespeople.

The big Q — how many quotes in the book? I first thought thousands. Then, no — these need to be the best. Not a jumbo, ho-hum collection with a few great quotes scattered here and there. This needs to be a book of diamonds — those sparkling quotes with lasting power and value. So, how to select from the thousands now on my hard drive? A huge dilemma!

The solution was to create a project. To ask salespeople — which are the diamonds?

Ray Bard
The Fired UP! Selling Project

The Fired Up! Selling Project

Salespeople love quotes. They put them on their refrigerator doors, post on their bathroom mirrors, carry with them as a reminder, use in speeches and team meetings, and send in emails. In short, they use quotes to fire up their sales teams, their friends — and themselves.

The Project was designed to invite people to vote on the quotes — to have sales managers, salespeople, and sales trainers tell us which are the best.

People are invited to be Quote Judges — to render their Verdicts on a collection of 30 quotes twice a week. To tell us: Is this quote OK, GOOD, or GREAT? All the Verdicts for each quote will be tallied and a Power Score generated. That's how we will discover the diamonds.

As the Project began to take shape I was smart enough to ask three friends to be the Brain Trust. Melissa Lombard, Stephanie Melish, and Andrea Reindl graciously agreed to lend their talents and ideas. Each brought their own unique sales experience. They contributed fresh ideas, real-world sales perspective, lots of encouragement, and helped create a valuable and fun experience.

So, with the experience of the Brain Trust, the Quote Judges, and my years in sales, the Project was created for salespeople, from salespeople, with quotes selected by salespeople.

When we have an extraordinary collection of 300 diamond quotes we will publish Fired UP! Selling: Awesome Success Quotes to Inspire, Energize, Win!

Four things will make this book special —

1. Sales focus.

2. Both current and classic sources.

3. Lots of quotes from women. (Many quote books have mostly old, dead, white guys.)

4. User-friendly structure. Beyond a detailed Table of Contents it will have a Subject Index and a Contributor Index, so the readers can easily find their favorites.

There will 5 big chapters with 20 to 25 subject heads under each. Think Big, Get Going, Keep Going, Make the Sale, Win!

A 2% Rule will limit the number of quotes from any one person (6 quotes, 2% of 300). Quote masters like Zig Ziglar, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Roy H. Williams will be there (unless, by a huge surprise, the Quote Judges don't include them), but the book will draw on an extensive and diverse base. And, the Quote Judges may recommend their favorite quotes — or quotes they have written — for judging.

Come join us — let's get Fired UP about selling!

Ray Bard
The Fired UP! Selling Project

P.S. From my conversations over the years, I've learned there are many quote lovers, lots of collectors, and several have thought about publishing. Are you one of them?

Quote Power Score

The Quote Judges will give their Verdict for each Quote: Is it OK, GOOD, or GREAT. All the Verdicts are tallied for each Quote and a weighted Power Score generated. An OK Verdict is assigned a value of 1. A GOOD Verdict is assigned a value of 5. A GREAT Verdict is assigned a value of 10.

Sign Up To Be A Quote Judge

Fire UP! A Friend

If you know someone in sales, or just a quote lover, invite them to sign up to be a Quote Judge. It's easy — here's the invitation link:

Share Your Quotes

Do you have some favorite quotes? Ones that have inspired you, given you a kick in the seat of your pants, shifted your thinking, nudged you to excellence? Ones that have helped you reframe your world for greater success? Send your favorites. . If they look good, we will include them in a Collection for the Judges to vote on.

Many of you write quotes yourself. So, don't be bashful. Share. Really good quotes can become part of your brand. Think about how Zig Ziglar's quotes were, and still are, part of his presence.

Remember, to make it in the book, you have to get by the Quote Judges. And, you can't vote for yourself! But, your friends can.







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